Craftsman Continues to Create Fractured Sculptures that Eerily Explore Mortality

Johannesburg-based craftsman Regardt van der Meulen keeps on investigating and display the innate delicacy of the human body through steel molds in an arrangement titled Deconstructed. Much like his past pieces that seem to trickle and unwind, his most recent gathering of cracked structures introduces a frequenting yet excellent take a gander at mortality.

Appropriately titled Weathered, I Am Just The Pieces, Fragmented, and Ephemeral, his latest gems additionally remark on the inescapable rot and corruption of every single person. Van der Meulen passes on this thought in a few reasonably unique yet elaborately stable ways.

In Weathered, a man gives off an impression of being coming apart before our eyes; the figure’s substance has apparently swung to leaves, which are by and large tranquilly stole away by a breeze. In both I am Just The Pieces and Fragmented, the standing structure’s body is strangely defaced with various punctures, openings, and holes. Furthermore, in Ephemeral, the subject’s skin is breaking down as roses mysteriously sprout from inside its body. Via:mymodernmet