How to make IKEA Lamp Into A Death Star

As two major geeks we both love Star Wars. I generally observed the IKEA PS 2014 light and thought “it looks so much like a Death Star!”
With my sweetheart moving in, we took the risk and changed over one of those plain white lights into the detonating Death Star gliding over our bed. We completely adore it.
Perceive how we made it beneath!
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Let try to make it with me

First step, obviously, is to purchase an IKEA PS 2014 light and a container of shower paint

We chose to get the greatest one in copper/white. It should hang over the bed in our somewhat Star Wars themed room, so why get little! I utilized a container of light dim splash paint from the neighborhood handyman shop. Do this outside due to the exhaust and the fundamental ventilation. On the off chance that you need to have it idealize – cover the copper internal parts BEFORE you spraypaint the exterior. The fog of the shower dulled the sheen a minor piece – it doesn’t trouble us, however in the event that you need it super glossy – cover it up. Or, then again don’t utilize splash paint and brush the light dim. For my situation it involved time and not having any desire to paint them all by hand.

We utilized concealing tape for painting dividers to cover the regions that ought to remain lighter

Utilizing a x-acto knive and a cuting matt with a ruler prooved to be helpfull to have a variety in the strips. Cut some wide, some little, some long, some short. Exchange to make the example, the passing star wasn’t all the same, neither ought to be yours.

We made a stencil of the round weapon on a bit of paper first and followed that onto the light with a pencil


Once you’re happy with the look of your example, you can paint a darker shade of paint over the entire ball

We chose that dark was excessively dull and sharp as a difference, so we blended a darker dim shading. The paint is a blend of acrylic paint and a chalk paint, to give it a not all that polished wrap up. We discovered this paint in the tool shop.

Paint the ball totally or work in portions – everything relies on upon your taste

We peeled the concealing tape not long in the wake of painting. Make a point to press the tape exceptionally well down before you paint, keeping away from blotches and noses doing as such. However, regardless of the possibility that you have some slight uneven lines – the final product will be incredible, in light of the fact that the Death Star has such a variety of little bits and spots, it will appear as though you needed it thusly.

The round weapon was painted by hand with a fine brush

Hang it on your ceiling as instructed – you will need a hook for that – and enjoy your Death Star lamp – it’s awesome!

Let Watch video below and follow that: