Practical Anatomical Paintings Reveal The Structures That Lie Beneath Our Skin

Danny Quirk is a youthful American craftsman who’s conveying science to a totally new level. Utilizing fluid latex, acrylic paint, and Sharpies, Quirk makes reasonable compositions straightforwardly on the human body to uncover its stunning inward workings.

An enthusiasm for human life structures drives Quirk to interesting craftsmanship pieces that look so unpredictable that it’s practically unpleasant. “My anatomical works join exemplary postures, in sensational chiaroscuro lighting, with an extremely contemporary wind… delineating what’s underneath the skin, and the depicted figure dismembers a locale of their body to demonstrate the structures that lay underneath,” states the craftsman on his Behance.

Idiosyncrasy’s main goal is to breath life into medicinal course books, and we believe he’s unquestionably succeeded! Look down to investigate the inward human miracles for yourself.