Particular New Device Lets You to Send a Kiss to Your Long-Distance Love

with the colossal progressions in innovation today, long separation connections have never been less demanding to keep up. While video visits and WiFi-empowered informing administrations take away a portion of the hardships of crosscountry romances, you can now avoid the Skype kissy faces and bolt lips with your long separation adore through Kissenger.


Apropos named for its amusing mix of a kiss and a virtual emissary, the thingamabob permits you to “kiss” your cherished one from a remote place. While the eccentric development may appear to be straight from what’s to come, it’s in reality extremely straightforward: made out of plastic, engines, and an extensive, silicone cushion (nothing says sentiment like a vast, silicone cushion!), every mechanical assembly appends to a cell phone.

The “kiss” is invigorated by a mechanized component underneath the silicone that applies a one of a kind patter of weight to the fortunate beneficiary’s lips or cheek. While it’s designed for contemplative sentimental accomplices, the impossible to miss item additionally guarantees to unite families and even join fans with their big name icons.