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Impolite Customer Irritates Drive-Thru Employee, Next Day Surprises Everyone With This Note

Any individual who works in retail and client benefit realizes that discourteous individuals (in addition to other things) are essentially a day by day event, however this Starbucks barista had an involvement with an irate lady in drive-through that the vast majority of us could never at any point envision.


Recently at your drive-through we has a not as much as happy experience. At no blame of yours, you were out of transporters [and] said you couldn’t take my void container (waste). I was not as much as understanding [and] my way was abrupt.

I have to apologize. The possibility of leaving a trail of unkindness like that is so not the way I need to reflect. Not for you, not for me.
You are a young fellow, obviously striving to construct a future [and] you ought to be recognized. Keep up your state of mind of cheer [and] trust. Remain confident regardless of what sort of individuals cross your way (or drive-through).
[Surely], God has great [blessings] in store.
You showed this ole woman something yesterday about graciousness, empathy, [and] remaining humble.
I bless your heart! Debbie
God favor you today [and] all your todays.