Stunning Celebrity Portraits Taken at the lifestyle Academy Award Party 2017

The 89th annual Academy Awards came about last night, and it had been undoubtedly one to recollect. For people who tuned in, the largest, most unforgettable moment of the Oscars 2017 happened within the last quarter-hour once La La Land was erroneously awarded “Best image of the Year”—an award meant for the critically acclaimed Moonlight. This awkward blooper caused quite an stir (and tons of confusion); however, luckily, the error was amended before the program concluded. And, it didn’t keep Hollywood’s elite from disbursal the remainder of the night celebrating the past year of filmmaking!

Once again, lifestyle teamed up with artist Mark Seliger to capture the elegant and refined variety of the star-studded event’s attendees. The desirable lifestyle laurels Party welcome an extended list of guests, starting from TV/film actors and administrators to designers and musicians—including Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Mahershala Ali, Kerry Washington, Katy Perry, Jon Hamm, Tom Ford, and lots of a lot of.

Seliger invited the dazzling stars into the lifestyle laurels Portrait Studio for AN intimate picture shoot. every beautiful portrait captures the dramatic, sultry, and (in the case of James Corden) comedic aspect of the faces that grace the silver screen and stages round the world. The portraits prompt film enthusiasts ANd award show watchers that this year’s Oscars might have had an unfortunate blunder, however it remains a cultured event crammed with glamour. more info:mymodernmet