Long-Distance Couple Traveling the planet Apart Collaborate on artistic Split Photos

When couple Becca and Dan were forced to confront a long-distance relationship, they used their love of photography to bridge the gap. With Becca primarily based in borough, and Dan a part of the Remote Year project that sends him to totally different cities monthly, the couple uses their creativeness to stay them connected.

With their Instagram account [*fr1] [*fr1] Travel, the avid photographers every post pictures that capture their travels. But, these are no normal travel photos. By written material their work to satisfy within the middle, they convey along their experiences even once they square measure separated by distance. With every image a touch personal letter, we have a tendency to see them every going concerning their lives one by one, however not while not one another.

This artistic project can strike a chord with anyone UN agency has lived through a long-distance relationship. whether or not mashing up animals from South American country and South Africa or snapping the sunset in Portugal and Queens, New York, their touching pictures plot the chart of their romance.

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Half Travel is what you get once 2 artistic photographers get along and make out a way to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Spain & Colombia

Colombia + South Africa

Livingstone, Zambia + Bogotá, Colombia


Curtis Pond, Vermont + Atlantic Ocean, Vila Nova de Milfontes

San Francisco, CA + Alentejo, Portugal

Washington, DC + Lima, Perú

Lima, Peru + Brooklyn, NY

Huacachina, Perú + Taganga, Colombia

New York, NY + Bogotá, Colombia

Barcelona, Spain + Lisbon, Portugal

Frankfurt, Germany + Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mexico City + San Francisco