The Giants That Make From Wood In The Wilderness Of Copenhagen

His name is Thomas Dambo, he is a Danish creative person World Health Organization works with recycled materials. Over the last three years he created twenty five huge recycled sculptures round the world. Recently He created vi hidden giants in his town of Kobenhavn.

The sculptures ar found in a number of his favorite places round the town, places wherever folks don’t attend usually, as a result of it’s off the crushed track. The sculptures will solely be found by employing a treasure map, or a literary composition graven into a stone close to every sculpture. These offer hints on the way to realize the various giants.

he’s created all the sculptures from recycled wood. principally from 600 recent pallets, associate degree recent wood shed, a fence and what ever else he was able to scavenge. each sculpture was created with the assistance from native volunteers, and every of the sculptures was named when one in all the volunteers.

He hope his art can inspire folks to envision the large potential in exercise and taking higher care of our planet.