Woman Changes Homeless Man’s Life once Seeing Him on Same Corner for three Years Straight

Every day for three years, Ginger Sprouse, a resident of Clear Lake, Texas, noticed a homeless man sitting on an equivalent crossroad. Rain or shine, he would be there every and each day as Sprouse drove past. Curious to listen to his story, Sprouse determined to strike up a spoken language with him one day—something that no different footer had opted to try and do.

Through their due introductions, she learned key details of his life: his name is Victor Hubbard, he’s thirty two years previous, and he struggles with severepsychological state. once asked why he was perpetually announce thereon explicit corner, he shared a grievous story that deeply resonated with Sprouse. 3 yearsprevious, his mother had abandoned him there. Hoping to examine her once more, he came back thereto terribly spot each, single day. But, sadly, she hadhowever to look. “So he waits, and waits and waits,” Sprouse says.

Touched by his tale and anxious for his health and well-being, Sprouse started visiting Hubbard. Eventually, she conjointly assisted him in his rummage around formental state treatment, offered him employment at her change of state college, Art of the Meal, and even invited him to remain at her family’s home. As she grewnearer to Hubbard, she became even additional galvanized by his determination, kindness, and optimistic outlook.


To share his story with others, she started a Facebook page (This is Victor) wherever she posts updates on her family’s newest friend. She conjointly began a GoFundMe page to assist get Hubbard back on his feet—and, as luck would have it, it appears like he is well on his approach. “She came to visit and he or shequite saved Maine,” Hubbard told native news station KHOU regarding Sprouse. “She helped Maine. It’s like grace.”