Let we go to live in the Giant Tree

Giant Sequoia building idea design​​​ Architecture style|and style} journal eVolo focuses on innovative design supported technological advances of the twenty first century. Since 2006 they need run associate degree annual building Competition, tempting architects from round the globe to unleash their fantasy and make the skyscrapers of the longer term.


One of 444 comes received was the large redwood building by a gaggle of South Korean architects, that won associate degree honour. The subject idea plays on the concept of man’s continuous need to overtake nature, as manifested in deforestation. The collective makes an attempt to search out balance and harmony with its building, and designated the spectacular redwood tree as their vessel.

Noting that modernization has broken away at the lifetime of sequoias, the idea takes advantage of the empty trunks of those dying giants. the person created structure replaces that that has been lost, providing a room for humans. “It then becomes active as a man-made organ to exchange the trunks rotten away. solely occupied within the void is that the tokenish gesture necessary for human occupation,” the architects write. “The project makes an attempt to coach guests regarding these natural wonders whereas feeling infinitely tiny among these big creatures of one hundred meters tall and of twenty seven centuries of history.”