Smashed Cans graven within the ancient kind of Ming ceramic ware

Chinese sculptor, painter, creative person, and video creative person Lei Xue typically explores the innate tension between past tradition and currency in his numerous body of labor. One series that illustrates this interest within the relationship between the previous and therefore the new is Drinking Tea, an inspired and funny assortment of will sculptures.


Each sculpture has been crafted by Xue to gibe a discarded, crumpled will. created out of white ceramic ware and that includes painted blue patterns and motifs, the items square measure clearly galvanized by dynasty wares, golf shot a creative, up to date twist on ancient ceramics.

Like his aesthetic approach, Xue’s selection of subject matter—drinking vessels—is additionally stock-still in history. per Gallery Martina Deterrer, “the human want for drinking manifests itself within the external variety of the cans also as in their style. it’s unchanged and endures the whole history of humankind.” He compares our consumption of canned drinks to the taking of tea throughout the Ming, noting similarities between the quickness with that we have a tendency to drink and also the disregard we’ve for the vessels themselves.

In addition to the design and historical context of Drinking Tea, the method behind the ceramic ware cans additionally communicates Xue’s views on the past and gift. in contrast to real cans, the reinterpreted items weren’t mass made or factory-made in an exceedingly works. They were sculptured and painted entirely by hand, a apply close to and pricey to the creator. you’ll see a lot of of his beautiful overhand sculptures on Artsy, also because the Gallery Martina Deterrer

web site.