Humans of latest York’ Attends Met Gala to Capture Intimate Portraits of Guests

To decision the annual Met Gala a star-studded event is an underestimation. The soiree, that is usually said because the Oscars of the geographic area, could be a WHO’s who of fashion, diversion, and media. Guests vary from list celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Katy Perry to fashion icons like Diane von Furstenberg to visionaries like Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom. This makes Humans of recent royalty (HONY) founder Associate in Nursingd creative person Brandon feminist an unconventional choose to attend the Met Gala; his subjects square measure a lot of grounded, and he is celebrated for documenting the lives—including triumphs and struggles—of everyday individuals in each ny and abroad. But, as in previous years, he’s lined the event on behalf of Vogue. The results square measure Humans of recent royalty stories with a 2017 Met Gala twist.

The eleven intimate portraits square measure within the same vogue as alternative HONY items. To begin, feminist quietly approached every of the topics and, for concerning ten minutes, they talked concerning life. though the individuals attending this event live drastically completely different lives than those who feminist typically covers, the feelings expressed square measure unambiguously human—regardless of your station in life

Although it’s not possible to not acknowledge a number of these faces—like Matt Damon and painter Lively—Stanton keeps the themes of those photos anonymous. single from celebrated names, we’re left to understand the humanity of it all.

For the 2017 Met Gala, Brandon Elizabeth Cady Stanton of Humans of recent royalty talked to attendees of the party. bestowed within the form of Humans of recent royalty stories, that they had the Met Gala twist.