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Surreal optical phenomenon Paintings Fuse 2 witching Scenes into One

<p>the magic realism of creative person Henry Martyn Robert Gonsalves can cause you to do a reaction. From one look to a different, his fantastical paintings showa minimum of 2 totally different scenes. Trees morph into ghost-like figures whereas chamber interiors suddenly become a sprawling forest. In every of thosecontradictory compositions, the road between the multiple stories could be a hazy one.

There’s a way of childlike surprise in Gonsalves’ paintings. Often, the most characters ar youngsters, and therefore the scenes ar equivalent to theunconventional, winding eventualities that children frame in their head. this is often directly influenced by the magic thinking of his youth. “A childhood of reveryand drawing,” Gonsalves writes, “has evolved into a career of creating paintings that ar primarily a celebration of imagination.” though he “took a detour” into design, Gonsalves revisited art nearly thirty years agone and hasn’t looked back since.
Gonsalves’ compelling optical phenomenon art has found a natural place within the business enterprise world. His paintings have illustrated image books referred to as Imagine on a daily basis, Imagine a World, Imagine an area, and picture an evening. they’re all presently offered through Amazon.more info:</p>Facebook